Pool Services


Summers are meant to be enjoyed poolside.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

pool openings

Arrange for us to open your pool for the season. Our opening service includes removal and cleaning of your cover, major debris clean out from the pool, a check and adjustment of the chemistry, charging the filter, starting up your system, and power washing the pool decking.

pool closings

Allow us to winterize and close your pool down after the season is over. Closing your pool includes lowering the water level below inlets, adding shock, blowing out the lines, and inserting antifreeze. Next we’ll secure your cover and for an addition, add specialty chemicals that ensure better water in the Spring.

weekly pool and spa maintenance

Set up an ongoing appointment for us to take care of your pool all summer long. We check and balance chemistry and clean including vacuuming, skimming, and scrubbing tile as necessary.

equipment repair & replacement

Should your pool be in need of any adjusting or part replacement, we can troubleshoot or overhaul your equipment. Typical repair and replacements include pumps, filters, heaters, electrical, lighting, auto-control system, and pool cleaners.

Interested in our Pool Services? Please call our office and we will gather your initial information, discuss service options, and give you pricing.

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